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VWCO e-Route never stops: studying new segments and synergies

October 02 2019

VWCO is also investigating the use of more sustainable technologies for the entry-level commercial vehicle segment. It has set up a team of Brazilian engineers at its Resende plant to study e-Mobility solutions using technology and components developed by other companies in the TRATON GROUP. And now VWCO is proud to present its 4-ton e-Delivery concept model at this Innovation Day, an unprecedented example of the strategic synergy between the Group’s companies and the alliance partners.

Designed to use components sourced from the TRATON GROUP and its alliance partners, the 4-ton e-Delivery concept truck on show uses electric powertrain components supplied by Hino Motors, demonstrating the product’s flexibility and adaptability to the global demand for sustainable mobility.

The new model is ideal for distributing higher-volume loads in an urban environment. To provide the agility required, the drive train delivers a total of 85 kW with a maximum torque of 280 Nm, using 12:1 reduction gearing. The high-speed motor rotates at up to 8,000 rpm to supply the power needed to meet operating conditions. With its lithium-ion battery pack, the vehicle has a range of up to 200 km.

Unlike the other models in the e-Delivery range, the 4-ton truck is equipped with front-wheel drive. The batteries and auxiliary systems are located in the center and rear of the vehicle — proof of the flexibility offered by the VWCO`s modular architecture. The new truck benefits from the lessons learned from over 15,000 km of road trials by VWCO`s other electric truck models.

These include the introduction of a battery pack temperature control system, which gives it a longer useful life. The model also incorporates all the intelligent systems already available in the e-Delivery range, such as the rapid charging mode, the energy saving function, regenerative braking, the hill start aid feature, independent suspension etc.

The vehicle has a new feature: an on-board charger, which makes it possible to charge the vehicle from a standard AC supply when the dedicated charging infrastructure is not available. The 4-ton VW e-Delivery model also comes equipped with low-friction tires developed specially for electric vehicles, which have a lower rolling resistance and give a longer battery charge life.