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A brand-new engineering solution: VWCO modular architecture to speed up electrification

October 02 2019

At the TRATON GROUP`s Innovation Day, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus presents its exclusive modular architecture for the development and manufacture of electric vehicles, tested by journalists for the first time during the event. The unique modular configuration developed by the company`s engineering team in Brazil is speeding up the adaptation of Volkswagen`s trucks and buses platform.

The modular architecture is being applied across VW`s entire e-Delivery electric range, as well as the Volksbus e-Flex. With this ground-breaking concept, the company is developing and introducing new vehicles in record time.

As applied to the new trucks, the innovative architecture divides the vehicle into three main modules: the front module (cabin and auxiliary equipment), the central module (batteries) and the rear module (powertrain). VWCO`s flexible engineering approach is so powerful that it allows for the design and format of each module to be changed independently. It is a new concept for electric trucks which aims to support a more flexible manufacturing process and free up space for the batteries.

It facilitates the development of different arrangements and combinations of the modules. The modular packages are completely independent, presenting a flexible and simple way to introduce different components and concepts to the vehicles, supporting the strongest possible synergy between the companies in the Group and its partners.