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Volkswagen Trucks and Buses presents the Constellation 370 line

07 de Agosto de 2007
. Innovative Technology with the VW NGD 370 engine . Strong, modern and comfortable models . The market’s best cost effectiveness . Traction options: 4X2, 6X2 e 6X4 Volkswagen Trucks and Buses presents to Brazilian fleet owners and carriers additional three models of trucks from the Constellation line. The vehicles VW 19.370, VW 25.370 and VW 31.370 arrive at the market through a brand’s world launching. Technology, productivity and the best cost-effectiveness still guide the philosophy of Volkswagen products, a company that along four and a half years is leading the domestic sales of trucks over five tons of total gross weight. The big news is the arrival of the 367 horsepower VW NGD 370 engine with several technological improvements. Developed by Volkswagen Trucks and Buses, and produced by MWM International, the new motor running is the result of 38 thousand hours of engineering work and over 3.5 million kilometers of tests in the roughest conditions. The new Constellation trucks employ the VW NGD 370 in the versions mechanical horse 4X2, mechanical horse 6X2, and rigid chassis 6X4. Such launchings provide the Constellation line with nine basic models from 13 to 57 tons of total gross weight, and may be acquired with cabins in versions bed or extended. Adding optional systems such as the VOLKSNET hybrid system (via satellite and cell phone) for fleet tracking and management, the Volkswagen original accessories, the VOLKSTOTAL plan of post sales assistance, the 24 hours free assistance in guarantee CHAMEVOLKS, and a net of 142 authorized dealers throughout the country, the brand enhances the number of solutions in custom-made transportation for the consumer. Clients may also choose the versatility of the light Delivery Trucks and the strong and recognized Worker line that add 19 basic models to the Volkswagen Trucks family. All designed and assembled in Resende (RJ) plant that also incorporates the World Center for Trucks and Buses Development of Volkswagen Group. Brazil: growth pushes the Trucks industry An exceptional crop of grains, the accelerated growth of the oil extraction and the production of biological fuel demand more agility and skill for cargo transportation among farming, industrial and ports zones in Brazil. The Plan for Growth Increase – PAC – of the Federal Government, the new impulse in Brazilian civil construction through governmental incentives for self-owned homes, and the cattle breeding industry due to the development of the export of beef and its by-products are enhancing the Trucks market expansion in 2007. Additionally, the Brazilian Transit Council – Contran – edited the resolutions number 210 and 211 establishing new limits for weight and dimensions of vehicles traveling by road and rail networks. One of the most important measures has established the increase of the combined total gross weight – PBTC – from 45 to 57 tons to use articulated vehicles, tractor and tug vehicles with two units. Once more, Volkswagen Trucks and Buses meets the market requirements by increasing its competitiveness thus providing new alternatives to its clients. And such alternatives came through three new members of Constellation family: VW 19.370, VW 25.370 and VW 31.370. The brand is now in an intermediate segment between 300 and 400 horsepower. VW NGD 370 motor, the category’s most innovative one The VW NGD 370 engine presents pioneering characteristics to the heavy trucks sector. The high “flat” torque at low rotation is improved by a variable geometry turbo-compressor: the Multi Turbo System - MTS. The cylinder head with four valves by cylinder, the 9,354 cm3 (9.3 liters), 367 horsepower at 2000 rpm, and the Dual Power Brake – DPB – are additional characteristics. The new motor running counts on an exclusive injection system, the Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector - HEUI – at high pressure, with electro-hydraulic digital injectors and extended durability, developed by the partner company Siemens/VDO. This new motor running is lighter than the motor running of its direct competitors, and presents the advantage of removable wet lining that guarantee easy maintenance and lower costs. The Multi Turbo System turbine – MTS – with variable geometry system is electronically controlled thus guaranteeing faster responses, better performance and retaking, in addition to better thermal efficiency. This component also operates as engine brake in the exhaust system. The Exhaust Gas Recirculation system – EGR – is a re-circulator and re-cooler coupled with the block that reutilizes part of the exhaustion emissions which get back to the camera, producing combustion at lower temperatures with less discharge rates. The new engine brake system of the Dual Power Brake cylinder head – DPB – activates the engine’s cylinder head that is electronically integrated into the turbine. Its advantages are: increasing the operational average speed, the brake force, safety, retaking with fuel reduction, and speed on downward slopes. Presenting less gear shifts, low maintenance costs, and improved brakes and tires service life. Transmission and clutch The transmission applied to the new extra-heavy Constellation is the modern ZF 16S 1685 TD with 16 synchronized gears. With excellent variation of gears and high torque capacity (1800 Nm), its aluminum crankcase is 80 kg lighter than the model used so far in the brand’s heavy models. It has an assisted pneumatic coupling system that assures further precision and comfort at gear shifting. The transmission lubricating oil cooler allows bigger changing intervals, since such transmission functions at lower temperatures thus resulting in longer service life. The Sachs clutch presents a series assembly that facilitates maintenance and interchangeability with the high ton segment: pull type activating bearing, pneumatically assisted hydraulic running, diaphragm type plate with printed case and shock pre-absorbing disc, 430 mm diameter and Sachs 620 C friction material. Comfortable suspension and strong shafts On the new Constellation 6X2 models the rear suspension is the rocking arm type that reduces the suspension movement during high torque thus reducing cabin vibrations and improving the driver’s comfort. The 4X2 tractor has series rear suspension with two pneumatic cushions and tensioning springs, double action telescopic shock absorbers and standard Panhard bars – optionally there is the metallic suspension with leaf spring. The 6X2 counts on Meritor MS 23-185 tractive rear axles with maximum capacity of 60 tons, and series differential transversal blocking system to the VW 25.370 tractor. Such system assures better traction in mudholes, slippery roads or upward slopes. The differential block is activated through a button pressed by the driver on the cabin panel. A device for partial or total lifting of the third axle allows the Constellation 6X2 vehicles to have also better traction. The Extra Traction Device - ETD – ensures part of the third axle load, during partial lifting, to be transferred to the tractive axle. It is also easily operated by a button on the panel, and assuring maximum traction efficiency on slopes. The 6X4 models have Meritor MD/MR 25-168 tractive rear axles jointed with the strong and well known Randon rear suspension (bogie type rigid shafts in tandem). Braking Safety The Volkswagen launchings present a braking system with primary, secondary and regenerative reservoirs with 10 bar working pressure that increase the compressed air volume and improve its performance. The hand valves installed on the panel both for handbrakes and semi-trailer brakes allows safe driving for vehicles. On the front wheels the brake housings and brake pads are integrated with those of the VW 19.320 Titan Tractor. On the rear wheels the housings are Master HO that allows the vehicle to park on 12% slopes using the handbrakes. The air dryer is standard equipment to all new models, and the Consep (oil separator) valve system is an optional system. Diverse alternatives of fuel tanks The VW Constellation 19.370 models offer the following alternatives to install fuel tanks: one plastic 275 liters reservoir, two plastic 275 liters tanks totalizing 550 liters or a 480 liters aluminum reservoir. On the 25 tons models there are two aluminum tanks with interlinking valve totaling 620 liters. And on the VW 31.370 there is the option to install one or two plastic reservoirs with respectively 275 liters or 550 liters of fuel. All options may be translated into vast launching autonomy. Cabin presents also new items Among the novelties of new Volkswagen Constellation extra-heavy trucks there are the guarantees of a 4X2 model capacity of pulling a semi-trailer with 30 pallets, and a 6X2 truck towing a 28 pallets trailer or a B-train attached to 7.8 meters long wagons – both vehicles using bed type cabins. The cabin is the great trump card of the Constellation line due to its excellent ergonomics, easy checking of daily maintenance items, hydraulic tipping, instrument panel with inboard computer, perfect thermal-acoustic insulation and six years guarantee against perforating corrosion. All trucks are offered with the options for bed or stretched cabin. Launchings have the new High Comfort cabin suspension system with regulated front and rear shock absorbers. This item is standard for the 25 tons models thus causing them to be the most comfortable trucks of the Brazilian market sector. The equipment is optional for the 19 and 31 tons products. New buttons to start the transversal blocking of the differential, to activate the engine brake, and to control the maximum traction also complete the instrument panel to the driver. The Constellation Volkswagen trucks equipped with stretched cabin have an important optional item: a pliable bed frequently required by carriers and professional drivers, which provides more comfort for the resting period during their travels. Seeing that it is 1.95 meter long and 620 cm wide, the flat bed is vertically fixed behind the driver and the passenger seats when the vehicle is in motion. The cabin tipping of the Constellation extra-heavy trucks will be safer due to a key installed on the hydraulic pump that restrains violations and vandalism acts in addition to an involuntary procedure. Additionally to these novelties, the 19 and 25 tons vehicles will have optional long distance headlights. VOLKSNET, real time technology Together with the new Constellation extra-heavy, Volkswagen Trucks and Buses has a real time safety, telemetry, tracking and monitoring solution: VOLKSNET. It is an industry’s original solution platform that uses the highest technology to meet all the transportation market needs. Allowing total coverage throughout Brazil and international routes, VOLKSNET is a tool that offers to users the possibility of complete management and control of fleet and of the driver’s performance, as well as the total control of cargo transported along the daily 24 hours. Developed according the requirements of insurance and risk management Companies, the VOLKSNET optimize the transportation operations through information derived from its system. A fleet manager may, in real time, obtain data such as the vehicle location, fuel consumption, speed, alerts, breaches related to bad driving, sudden braking, and motion in neutral gear. Totally developed in Brazil, the VOLKSNET kit is offered with the following components: a communication module, a GPS localizing antenna, a GPRS communication antenna, an alphanumerical keyboard, and optionally an Inmarsat D+ satellite antenna. The VOLKSNET is also prepared to receive the installation of all accessories that may be required by insurance and risk management Companies, such as lockers. The VOLKSNET has safety software that meets the market demands and allows the risk management Companies to supervise and manage the cargo transportation with perfect interaction and communication with driver and vehicle through instructions, messages, and definition of safety rules. And the VOLKSNET Internet Portal is a service offered by Volkswagen Trucks and Buses to users having password access. Such service will meet the telemetry and logistics needs through management reports of the main items of the vehicle operation and alarms. The assembling company is also able to install the VOLKSNET on Constellation models with 250 hp and 320 hp Cummins motor. Genuine Accessories to Volkswagen Constellation trucks . Volkswagen CD Player, the same used on the cars of Volkswagen brand . DVD player above the seat/bed . Six inches sound box . Chromed protective nut for wheels. . Curtain for better internal privacy (door windows, windshield and seat - bed) . Air-conditioning . Carpet . 20 liters refrigerator at -8º C temperature . Aluminum wheels. . Compressed air hose (accessory being developed) Know the Constellation line, now more complete VW 13.180 First Constellation equipped with electronic Acteon International MWM motor, it is offered with extended cabin – the larger internal space of its category – and optionally with bed and high roof. VW 15.180 Another model equipped with International MWM electronic motor running marks the entrance in the sector in which Volkswagen Trucks and Buses is synonym of excellent cost-effectiveness. VW 17.250 Offered with extended and bed cabin with high roof, the vehicle presents characteristics like the new Arvin Meritor shafts, Interact Cummins engine and series air drier brakes. VW 24.250 6X2 Like other models of the line, it offers six years guarantee against perforating corrosion. A vehicle with road vocation, it has the series third shaft and the reliability of Cummins motor running. VW 19.320 Titan Tractor Although having bed cabin and high roof, the VW 19.320 Titan Tractor mechanical horse tows 45 tons with wagons for 30 pallets. The engine is Cummins ISC also furnished with turbo and intercooler. VW 31.320 6X4 It has 6X4 traction, Cummins electronic engine with Common Rail injection and synchronized transmission box with 16 gears. Used in severe applications, this model is designed to be used with tipcart, and for timber, sugar cane and large cranes transportation. Its traction maximum capacity is 63 tons. VW 19.370 4X2 Tractor developed to operate according to the norms established by Contran resolution 210, it tows cargo up to 48 tons of combined gross weight in short, medium and long distances road applications. Designed to logistical operators, transporters of fractioned and palette cargo, containers, agriculture and poultry goods, and industrialized products. VW 25.370 6X2 367 hp tractor developed to operate according to the Contran resolution 210, it tows semi-wagons up to 57 tons of combined gross weight, and up to 60 tons of maximum capacity of traction in special or conventional wagons in short, medium and long distances. Developed for activities requiring agility and low operational cost, it is ideal to logistical operators, transporters of fractioned and pellet cargo, liquid cargo, food and industrialized products. VW 31.370 6X4 First 6X4 vehicle equipped with the new VW NGD 370 engine. Designed for off-road activities and thick cargo transportation. Destined to civil construction, alcohol and sugar mills, timber cultivating and extracting and mining companies. Dealers ready for the launching of the year The inclusion in a new segment requires not only the ideal vehicle, but a net of highly qualified dealers, and the best post sales assistance. This way, the Volkswagen Trucks and Buses introduced a complete strategy for commercialization and assistance to Constellation extra-heavy trucks. From training technical assistance and sales professionals in 142 dealers to regional launchings and demonstrations, every deed confirms the market acknowledgment of the assembling Company’s excellent post sales assistance. The whole team of technical and commercial professionals received specialized training at the Volkswagen assembly plant in Resende (RJ). On the areas in which the sales volume of heavy trucks is over 30% of the total, it was introduced the specialized salesperson. All dealers are able to monitor the fleet owners by providing drivers specialized in handling B-train trucks and expert personnel for technical delivery and low-cost driving. Dealer’s facilities must offer easy access, yard and maneuvering area according to the dimensions of the new Constellation Trucks. The larger volume of products running through the dealers also require an adequate number of mechanical professionals and service boxes as well as rooms for drivers wishing to stay for the night. Assistance, guarantee and spare parts The exclusive maintenance plan for the VW NGD 370 engine grants to the new Constellation trucks the minimum waiting time for any service at a dealer. The factory guarantees twelve months to the 370 vehicles and 24 months to engine, transmission and differential of the tractor models. Clients also counts on the VOLKSTOTAL, a maintenance agreement signed directly between the client and the factory in order to obtain assistance all over Brazil in a way he will be a direct client of the Volkswagen Trucks and Buses brand. In addition, during the guarantee period, clients may count on the 24 hours assistance from CHAMEVOLKS through the free number 0800-0193333. An initial order specially directed to the dealers net will grant plain assistance to new consumers at the line launching period of line 370 as well as through the strategic stock of the assembling Company. Photos made on South and Southeastern regions The choice of locations for the photographic article of Constellation 370 trucks considered some Brazilian areas where the new products shall be largely demanded. Nice landscapes of Rio Grande do Sul hills, Santa Catarina shore, sugar cane plantations regions in São Paulo and south of Rio de Janeiro State surround the three new models in some of their new functions. In addition to concentrating some largest producers of road implements in Brazil, the Serra Gaúcha region (Rio Grande do Sul) has a large number of fleet owners and self-employed transporters that use extra-heavy vehicles in 4X2 and 6X2 configurations. The current positive period of Brazilian agribusiness allows large producers from São Paulo State to renew their fleet on the sugar cane plantations. The Santa Catarina ports show intense embarking and disembarking of goods. Winter in south of Brazil, the sugar cane intense production and the almost uninterrupted production at Volkswagen Trucks and Buses plant in Resende (RJ) have been the largest challenges overcame by the photography team that traveled more than 2,500 kilometers throughout four States. Ficha Técnica