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January 28, 2019
The Constellation 17.280 4x2 leads for the second year running
January 22, 2019
2018 saw our strategy deliver results. We also made a major investment in a new production line to support the restart of MAN chassis
January 17, 2019
Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus’ newest manufacturing partner in its Resende (RJ) vehicle plant is the German-owned company Kroschu
December 20, 2018
The SE business form gives us the opportunity to even more closely integrate the regional companies within the TRATON GROUP
December 12, 2018
• The manufacturer will restart production of MAN bus chassis • A new logistics center to be opened to support the operation
December 07, 2018
The Delivery 11180 already leads shipments of VW trucks to Colombia
November 30, 2018
Since August 30th, the Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus brand has been part of the TRATON Group, the new name of Volkswagen Truck and Bus.
November 23, 2018
Launch of the model range was held on Thursday, 22; Constellation Euro 5 line has also just been officially presented in that country.
November 22, 2018
Since Augusto 30th, Volkswagen Truck & Bus AG has become TRATON AG, a young company with the unique character of a start-up
November 14, 2018
Chassis, wheels and tires follow the traditional characteristics and robustness of the new Delivery line
November 13, 2018
The first test phase of the truck lasted 30 days and covered a total 915 kilometers, with zero emissions of pollutants
November 08, 2018
With nearly 1,000 units marketed this year, VW Constellation 17.280 is the most registered truck in Argentina during 2018
October 30, 2018
The partial second production shift in the Resende plant starts in December Current production also to be increased
October 26, 2018
The name of the case submitted is “Carregando inovação em um mercado ultraconservador”
October 10, 2018
VW has produced a batch of 40 VW trucks in a brand-new color;
October 04, 2018
In its first participation as an official exhibitor of the IAA in Germany, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus exhibited the best of Brazilian technology for commercial vehicles and attracted the public in the largest transportation fair in the world. 
September 21, 2018
On September 20th, the companies signed an agreement to cooperate on a project for sustainability in the global logistics market that will be a benchmark in the industry
September 20, 2018
Always staying abreast of the latest developments, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus launches RIO in Latin America to offer customers an advanced set of cloud-based digital solutions.
September 19, 2018
VW commercial vehicles with electric technology are already on the streets for their test phase
September 18, 2018
Until September 27, the IAA will be the stage for big changes: Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus enters its new era in terms of developing clean technologies and connectivity to support the evolution of the transport industry.