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Maximum robustness: The engine MAN D08 exceeds 1 million kilometers without intervention

March 22 2017

The robustness of the engine MAN D08 has just reached an important milestone: one of its first units sold surpassed 1 million kilometers in perfect conditions without any sort of intervention; i.e., during this mileage, the engine never needed to be opened for grinding. The pioneer propeller belongs to the VW Constellation 24.280 owned by Edison Cicero da SIlva, owner of the cargo transportation company Trans Santa Luzia. The entrepreneur says that he placed his bets on the model right after its launch in 2012, when the truck appeared in the market as the only one in the segment that didn’t require the use of Arla 32. "As a client of Volkswagen trucks for over twenty years, I made the acquisition and now I see that I made the best decision", says Edison, who owns a fleet composed of twelve trucks, all Volkswagen’s. Six of those are equipped with the engine MAN D08, including his latest acquisition: another VW Constellation 24.280, now in the V-Tronic version. Edison is careful with maintenance, which is always performed by the dealership network, and strictly follows the guidelines in the manual. "My fleet runs an average 28 thousand kilometers per month; the trucks leave with the cargo from São Paulo and head towards the entire Northeast region. I carry dry cargo, from cosmetics to parts for machines and tractors, and I need trucks that are reliable, robust, but which also provide me with the convenience of not depending on Arla. I also count on the good after-sales service, because my vehicles cannot stop; they must be available 24 hours a day", he says. "We congratulate the customer for his good practice, which undoubtedly contributed for the great performance of the engine over these more than 1 million kilometers. Cases like this are undoubtedly an important study base for our continuous innovation, which is a characteristic of our DNA", says Ricardo Alouche, Vice-President of Sales, Marketing and Post-Sales at MAN Latin America. The engine MAN D08 is available in four-cylinder versions with 190 or 230 hp and six-cylinder versions with 260 or 280 hp. Equipped with the MAN D08, the VW Constellation 24.280 is the leader in the semi-heavy segment. Successful Partnership Service provider of Global Cargo, multimodal transport company, Edison owns twelve trucks, all VW Constellations. The preference started twenty years ago, when he was still a driver. "I have a very positive history with Volkswagen Caminhões, with other vehicles also exceeding 1 million kilometers and others approaching that milestone. Drivers say these are extremely strong trucks, real tanks – and they are right about it". Advantages of the MAN D08 engine One of the main advantages of the D08 is that the engine does not need to be supplied with Arla 32 due to its EGR gas treatment technology. In addition to reducing its operational cost, this guarantees a better use of the space in the chassis, because there is no extra tank. The system also does not add significant weight to the vehicle and does not interfere with the coachbuilding of the vehicle. The engine, well-renowned in Latin America, has excellent performance, even at low engine speeds. In its Euro 5 version, the MAN D08 is available in four-cylinder versions with 190 or 230 hp and six-cylinder versions with 260 or 280 hp, both calibrated to ensure ideal performance for each specific application. Its configuration guarantees a series of benefits such as low level of noise and fuel consumption, longer maintenance interval and lower emission of pollutants.