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VWCO conducts the first safety training cycle for electric trucks in Brazil

January 26 2021

Vehicle will be the first electric truck developed and produced in Brazil.


VW Caminhões e Ônibus starts the first rounds of safety training for the start of series production of the e-Delivery electric truck. The action is part of the preparatory stage for the start of serial manufacture of the model, scheduled for the first semester of 2021, and extends to all company employees, from those dedicated specifically to the electric line to office and regional employees all over Brazil.  

"It is an immersion in the specific demands of electric propulsion, to teach employees how to recognize and deal with the safety processes of this new product, according to the most rigorous tests and certification necessary for a historic launch like this", comments Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of VW Caminhões e Ônibus.

The qualification project was developed and carried out in conjunction with the manufacturer's Human Resources, Engineering, Network Training and Technical Assistance teams and highlights points of attention for everyone, from the battery assembly to the moment the vehicle is electrified, a moment known as commissioning of the high voltage vehicle. Commissioning is when the electric vehicle is energized for the first time, requiring specific procedures to deal with voltages greater than 600V.

The entire infrastructure of the VW Caminhões e Ônibus plant is also being updated for the new electrical reality: new chargers have just arrived, with the capacity to recharge the batteries of e-Delivery trucks within 1 hour. The equipment will be used to replenish the energy of the automaker's test vehicles, in action in the laboratory tests and certification runs before the start of series production.

Pilot production and largest engineering development and validation test in Brazil

VW Caminhões e Ônibus has already started the production of its first electric e-Delivery trucks in its factory-laboratory, installed in the productive complex located in Resende (RJ). The area, called Planta Piloto, is responsible for defining and confirming the production process and training of the processes. Through this mapping, the adaptation of the lines that will house the serial production of the e-Delivery electric truck, unprecedented in the Resende plant and in Brazil, is being carried out.

The first electrics made in this pilot stage are already running in the largest engineering development and validation test in Brazil, with the objective of enabling the homologation and start of e-Delivery production.

The tests are also carried out in laboratories all over the country and in the VW Caminhões e Ônibus testing field, where specialized brand engineers conduct simulations to speed up the evaluation results. With a highly efficient project and the expertise of VWCO professionals, new accelerated validation methodologies were used, capable of representing, in a period of six months, the equivalent of ten years in real operating condition.

E-Delivery also proves its aptitude for urban distribution in large centers daily: the vehicle in tests with Ambev has been operating for more than two years in the company's beverage distribution. With more than 30 thousand kilometers traveled, it stopped emitting 22 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere and avoided the consumption of about 6,500 liters of diesel.