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Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus restarts operation with all care to its collaborators

April 27 2020
  • First vehicle manufactured is a Delivery model 9.170
  • One thousand collaborators resumed face-to-face activities today at the Resende (RJ) plant
  • Assembler implements dozens of protection measures, from temperature measurement to higher incidence of area cleaning  

On Monday, April 27th, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus resumed production of its vehicles at the Resende (RJ) plant in a gradual resumption of its operation, initially with one thousand collaborators. To this end, a series of measures have been implemented, from the intensification of hygiene care with the installation of alcohol gel distribution points to even the distribution of masks and daily assessment of body temperature of professionals.

"On this first day, we observed a great commitment from all our employees to the recommendations for the protection of all. We set up a real task force to ensure that this moment was possible, without risking the most precious thing we have, which are our professionals. We will constantly monitor these measures and adopt any new procedure that may prove necessary," says Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus.

The care began even before the collaborators boarded the chartered transport that leads to the factory. To get on the bus, everyone had to put on facial masks and use alcohol gel, in addition to having their temperature checked. On arrival at the factory, even the traditional breakfast changed its format, being replaced by breakfast kits to avoid sharing utensils and agglomerations.

 All received washable mask kits and were able to check the dozens of gel alcohol distribution points that were installed. Through various forms of communication, the journey began with the broad dissemination of the necessary recommendations and changes in the work routine. This orientation work had already started in the last week to prepare collaborators.

 The assembly processes were also adapted to preserve the minimum distance of two meters and all respected the floor demarcations during their activities for this purpose. When this is not possible due to the characteristic of the operation, they also adopted the acrylic face shield and safety glasses. All other personal protective equipment continues to be used.

 During lunch, more changes: alternative times and limited restaurant capacity to ensure everyone's safety. Throughout the day, the cleaning of machines, tools, rooms and common areas was also intensified. When returning home, collaborators were recommended to take the same care as on the outward journey. In this resumption phase, at the end of each day, a company committee meets to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken and define new actions, if necessary.

 Security measures

 The following precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of collaborators returning to work on Monday the 27th:

  • Checking the temperature of collaborators, visitors and drivers;.
  • Hygienization of the chartered buses and reduction of the number of users in each vehicle;.
  • Thickening control of collaborators;.
  • Restriction of the capacity to use restaurants;.
  • Use of masks and individual protection equipment, specific to each activity;.
  • Delivery of disposable masks for visitors and drivers;.
  • Reinforcement in the cleaning of rooms and places of common use;.
  • Placement of several points of distribution of alcohol gel for hand hygiene;.
  • Provision of material for cleaning machines and equipment;.
  • Medical support for collaborators and relatives;.
  • Installation of new washbasins for hand hygiene;.
  • Constant communication with preventive measures.

 "In addition to guaranteeing jobs for all collaborators, we will give our clients in Brazil and abroad the necessary tranquility to close their negotiations, with the best offer of products, parts, accessories and technical assistance services. We know that these are the strengths and quality of the Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and MAN brands ", explains Cortes.

 Agreement to resume the operation

 In a recent vote conducted by the Sindicato dos Metalúrgicos do Sul Fluminense, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus collaborators and the companies of the Modular Consortium approved the suspension of the contract of part of the production staff and the reduction of the day for administrative teams by 25%. The measure is part of the plan to gradually resume the operation.

 About VW Caminhões e Ônibus

 Manufacturer of the commercial vehicles Volkswagen and MAN, VW Caminhões e Ônibus is one of the largest automakers of Caminhões e Ônibus in Latin America. Since 1981, when it started operations, reaching the top of the market, respecting and satisfying customers' needs, has always been the focus of the automaker. And that is exactly what it offers its customers: bespoke products and excellent after-sales service. The company is also a reference in technological innovations. The company always seeks solutions that reduce the environmental impact and help to preserve the environment. For more than 35 years, the manufacturer has maintained its commitment to develop vehicles that exceed customer requirements - wherever they run, whether on Brazilian, Latin American or African roads. 


 TRATON SE is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and one of the world's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles under the brands MAN, Scania, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and RIO. In 2019, the TRATON GROUP brands sold a total of about 242,000 vehicles. Its products include light commercial vehicles, Caminhões e Ônibus manufactured at 29 production and assembly sites in 17 countries. The company had a workforce of around 82,700 collaborators worldwide on its commercial vehicle brands as of December 31, 2019. The group's objective is to transform the transportation system through products, services and partnership with its customers.