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VWCO celebrates 23 years of manufacturing by pioneering electric mobility in Brazil

November 01 2019

•    The company has already manufactured about 1 million vehicles in Brazil

•    The Resende plant is responsible for manufacturing the first electric vehicle produced in Brazil: the e-Delivery truck

•    The Modular Consortium, VWCO`s innovating production concept, is now being extended to zero emission vehicles through the e-Consortium


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On November 1st, 1996, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus officially inaugurated its new plant in Resende, in the south of Rio de Janeiro State. Twenty-three years later, the brand celebrates the production of almost 1 million vehicles in Brazil, market leadership in various truck and bus segments, and the company`s definitive commitment to zero emission mobility, with the recently announced creation of the e-Consortium for the manufacture of electric trucks.

Before Resende, Volkswagen had already been making and selling its trucks in Brazil since 1981, manufacturing them alongside the German-owned company`s passenger vehicles. Volkswagen`s decision to build a dedicated plant to manufacture trucks and buses was based on the company`s confidence in the Brazilian market and the market`s positive reception of VWCO models since they entered the market.“Over the last 23 years, our factory has produced a series of vehicles that have become true icons in the transport industry. The secret of our success is based on a clear and fundamental pillar: the client is always in first place. And that pillar underpins every new product and service we develop”, confirms Roberto Cortes, the President and CEO of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus.

Over the years, the company’s plant in Resende has also become an important source of exports to Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, with around 30 markets receiving VWCO’s products. Committed to the Industry 4.0 concept, the plant makes use of the most modern technology to manufacture a complete line of trucks and buses.

The innovative Modular Consortium

Located 150 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Resende plant has already marked its place in the history of the world`s auto industry with the introduction of the Modular Consortium, a modern concept for the management of relations between the manufacturer and its main suppliers. Suppliers which are members of the Consortium divide responsibility for assembling the vehicles with VWCO.

The main benefits are increased productivity and quality, besides reduced costs. The Modular Consortium member companies are: Maxion (chassis), Meritor (axles and suspensions), Remon (wheel sets and tires), Carese (painting), Aethra (cab frames), Powertrain (engines) and Kroschu (cabin finishing).

The next step is to set up the e-Consortium, the world’s first business model which covers all aspects of electric trucks, from assembly to the charging infrastructure and battery life cycle management, leveraging the commitment of the whole supply chain, ensuring integration and facilitating access to the use of electric mobility technology on commercial vehicles.A new truck or bus chassis can roll off the assembly line every three minutes, having passed through the entire production cycle.

VWCO`s main focus is always to satisfy the end client. Besides the product development by its area Engineering located in Resende, the company is also responsible for quality testing, ensuring product safety, compliance with specifications, and finish quality.


The factory is responsible for some important successes. VWCO’s world development center in Resende was responsible for some of the country’s most respected vehicles, such as the Constellation and Delivery families. There is no lack of reasons to celebrate: as well as reaching the production mark of 230,000 Constellation trucks, the line occupies an important position in the Brazilian and international markets.

Launched two years ago, the new Delivery line is also standing out from the competition. Its qualities have been recognized by clients since it was launched and the line of trucks has rapidly become a sales success, assuming leadership in various segments, from the 3.5 ton class to the light and medium-weight segments. Taking the leadership position again, VWCO has just launched a version of its best-selling light truck equipped with a special traction system for off-road use - the Delivery 11180 4x4.

And the company is also looking to the future. The company`s team of 600 engineers conceived the first-ever electric truck developed in Brazil, the e-Delivery. The new model has already been subject to over 15,000 km of engineering testing under real operating conditions on the streets of São Paulo. Thanks to this testing, emissions of over 11 tons of CO2 have been avoided and more than 3,300 liters of diesel have been saved.

Resende in Numbers

1 million sq meters total area; 148,000 sq meters of built area; a supplier industrial park of 100,000 sq meters, and a 50,000 sq meter logistics center. Putting all this into action, more than 4,000 employees strive to work to their best ability every day, full of determination and team spirit.