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Factory-painted pink VW Constellations embark for Colombia

October 24 2019
  • The contract is for 10 Constellation 171890 V-Tronic soft drink delivery trucks with pink Facchini-supplied bodywork.
  • A pink fleet: with the acquisition of the new trucks, Postobón now owns a fleet 49 Volkswagen trucks finished in pink livery.
  • The vehicles are being shipped in the middle of Pink October, when the focus is on raising awareness of breast and cervical cancer and the importance of early diagnosis.


The ten Constellation 17190 V-Tronic trucks with pink cabins have just rolled off the production line at Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus in Resende (RJ). Made-to-order, the trucks are being shipped to Colombia along with 10 palettes of Facchini-supplied bodywork components. On arrival, the trucks will join the existing fleet of 38 Delivery 11180s and a 17190, all in pink, already busy transporting soft drinks for Postobón, one of the largest soft drink manufacturers in South America.


The eye-catching vehicles can be seen making urban deliveries on the streets of Bogota, Medellin and the surrounding areas. The pink paint job is not by chance. It was specially developed in accordance with the specifications of the client to match the branding of the company`s apple-flavored soda drink, the best-selling soda in Colombia.


“The new Delivery 11180 is capturing the Colombian market with its modern design, internal space, ergonomics and mechanical specifications. But that`s not all. The client`s decision to build its fleet of delivery trucks with the Constellation is the result of Volkswagen`s tailor-made customer service and attention to detail when it came to accurately reproducing the brand color of the soda drinks being delivered by the truck,” comments Leonardo Soloaga, Director of International Sales at VW Caminhões e Ônibus.


Even when many clients order white cabs, the development of unique custom paint jobs is all part of the production routine at VW Caminhões e Ônibus. The customized colors are in addition to the world of possibilities offered by the portfolio of standard colors, which included more than 75 options, including a comprehensive list of special colors and paint jobs for the most diverse range of vehicle fleets tailored to meet the needs of specific brands and products. Unlike the color of a car, which is chosen by each individual consumer according to their individual taste, truck fleets have to meet the needs of the client and be aligned with the visual identity of their brand, product or service. That`s why the colors are made-to-order.


By fortunate coincidence, the pink Constellations are rolling off VW Caminhões e Ônibus` production line in the middle of Pink October, the month when the world focuses on raising awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early diagnosis, with the recent addition of cervical cancer to the campaign.


The ideal truck for urban deliveries, the VW Constellation 17190 V-Tronic is equipped with a 4-cylinder MAN D08 engine which delivers 186 cv and 700Nm, an EGR emission control system, and the ZF 6 AS automatic transmission, as well as aluminum wheels.