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VW e-Delivery: tests prove the operational benefits

October 02 2019

Over one year, the VW e-Delivery truck clocked over 15,000 km of engineering and customer testing under real conditions on the streets of São Paulo, delivering beverages. The results included: a reduction in CO2 emissions of over 11 tons and a saving of more than 3,300 liters of diesel fuel, with 43% of the energy used coming from the vehicle`s own regenerative braking system. The experience also helped with the development of the 11-ton model, on show at this year’s TRATON Innovation Day.

For example, it led to improvements to the system which provides optimized battery pack cooling and heating, supporting a longer useful life and increasing its load capacity. Located at the rear of the vehicle, the powertrain delivers up to 200 kW of force and a maximum of 2,150Nm, even at low rpm, avoiding the use of a separate transmission system by delivering high torque directly to the drive shaft. Hill starts on 30% slopes are achieved without difficulty.

The lithium ion battery pack at the center of the vehicle delivers a range of around 200 km, dependent on the vehicle configuration delivered to meet the client`s needs. These numbers do not take into account the extended range provided by the energy recovered by the three-stage regenerative braking system, which recharges the batteries during operation.

To minimize operating costs, the truck is equipped with an intelligent charger, which programs recharging for periods when tariffs are reduced due to lower usage rates. As with the entire VWCO line, every detail is tailored to provide the best and most efficient transport solution to the client.

Auxiliary systems such as air compressors, air conditioning, steering and water pump are driven by independently-controlled electric motors, optimizing their energy consumption. These components are located in the front module, along with the most modern cabin available in the world`s light truck market.

In support of this work, every effort has been made to maximize the use of components from the traditional Delivery product line, achieving economy of scale and reducing costs. In practice, the expertise of VWCO`s Brazilian engineers translates into a robust, comfortable and safe vehicle which is supporting the transformation of the transport industry and the concept of efficient cities.