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Volkswagen presents its sugarcane super truck to boost productivity in the sugarcane field

April 29 2019

VW Caminhões e Ônibus takes another step ahead in its offer of high technology for the agricultural industry by showing the first prototype of its sugarcane super truck at Agrishow, one of the largest agricultural fairs in the world. The Constellation 31280 has been launched to increase productivity in the field.

The super truck has the size and technical specification to give it the strength it needs to resist anything it is asked to do. It has tubular front axles with a capacity of nothing less than 8 tons, with 3-meter gage. They have been developed by Suspensys and are interchangeable with the original suspension. The chassis has been widened by adding on a rigid structure that can be easily attached. The rear axle has smaller hubs, increasing its strength.

This innovative widening process has allowed the suspension and brakes to be moved outward, increasing lateral stability on hilly terrain while optimizing load distribution and reducing the forces born by the axles. Thanks to its 8x4 traction, the vehicle has a high load capacity and greater stability.

On the outside, the prototype comes equipped with Mitas high-flotation tires which minimize crop damage while increasing traction and operating performance. The vehicle comes equipped with a high-volume vinasse (sugarcane fermentation residue) applier with a capacity for 22,500 liters, made by Nonino.

The new vehicle has Allison automatic transmission, strengthened for off-road use, which improves availability and eliminates the clutch. As a result, operations can continue without stoppages or bumps, at a lower operational cost and with greater safety and comfort for the driver. It combines Knorr-Bremse power steering with the latest generation electronic assistance and a hill start assist system which increases operating safety.

Another advantage is the 6.9 liter MAN D08 6-cylinder motor, which delivers 277 hp, 1050 Nm of torque and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), which avoids the use of ARLA 32. The power takeoff is a differential gear box, which means it can be used while the vehicle is moving.

 Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus’ engineers worked with BMB on the modifications required at its exclusive customization center, which supported and installed the well-known custom-made sugarcane equipment kit, which is already respected by clients. The kit includes various items of equipment that adapt the truck for operations in the sugar/ethanol segment. These include an undergrowth clearing grill as frontal protection, a vertical exhaust stack, an agricultural standard pre-filter, underbody shield protection for the radiator, a protector for the alternator against straw, thermal protection of the airbrake lines, an electrical supply harness, a power takeoff and other items.

 VW Caminhões e Ônibus at Agrishow

Agrishow runs from April 29 to May 3, 2019 in Ribeirão Preto (SP). VW Caminhões e Ônibus’ presence at the show includes the VW Constellation 31280 super truck and its smaller brother, the Constellation 31280 6x4, which is equipped with automatic transmission and is already proving its success in the sugarcane fields.

Another newcomer is the VW Constellation 15190 4x4, which has just been launched in Brazil. With the strength to operate on any terrain and the ability to climb extreme slopes it can overcome any off-road obstacle. It has a total combined gross weight of 27 tons and delivers 186 horsepower with its four-cylinder, reduced weight MAN D08 motor, ideal for this type of application. In addition, it does not require ARLA 32, which simplifies logistics in areas without a suitable supply infrastructure and reduces operating costs.

The VW Delivery Express, which was the market leader in the 3.0 to 3.5 ton segment in the first quarter of the year, also shows its vocation for agriculture at Agrishow, with its maneuverability and, at the same time, its ability to stand up to anything that is thrown at it, which are recognized characteristics of the model. It also has the advantage of being able to be driven by drivers with a B-Class driving license, as well as traveling in areas where truck movements are restricted.

The Delivery Express can also be a great ally to operators on inter-city routes. The single wheels on the rear axle reduce the toll payable on highways to that paid by automobiles. To speed up its introduction into service, the Delivery Express is available equipped with a factory-installed body. The customer can choose between a platform or van body, honoring all the guarantees provided by their manufacturer, Randon.