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Argentina: the best-selling truck in 2018 is made by Volkswagen

January 28 2019
  • According to the official statistics, the Constellation 17.280 had the largest number of- new truck registrations in Argentina in 2018, making it the best-selling truck in the country for the second year in a row.
  • This tough truck has been developed to meet the challenge of the distances experienced in Argentina and Mercosul, and comes equipped with the latest safety, comfort and cost-saving technologies

Once again, the Constellation 17.280 is the top choice of Argentinian clients, who made their preference clear in 2017. 1,070 units were licensed in 2018, according to the vehicle market statistics online system of the Associación de Concesionarios de Automotores de la Republica Argentina (The Republic of Argentina Association of Vehicle Dealers - ACARA).The truck is ideal for short or medium distance urban goods transport for a wide variety of industries. The truck is equipped with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) technology, which means it doesn’t need to use Adblue, producing both financial and operational savings for the truck owner.

The Constellation 17.280 is available as either a rigid chassis or tractor vehicle, with extended cabin and low-roof options. When it comes to safety, an ABS (anti-lock braking) braking system is standard equipment (the system prevents the wheels from locking when the brakes are applied abruptly, avoiding a skid) as is the EBD (electronic brake force distribution) system, which works together with the ABS to distribute the braking force between the vehicle’s wheels. ATC (automatic traction control) is available as an option to avoid wheel slip. EVB (exhaust valve braking) is another equipment highlight, reducing the need to use the service brakes and cutting maintenance costs.

“The Constellation 17.280 is an important contributor to our sales success. It has great market acceptance and has the highest number of new registrations, as well as being equipped with a MAN diesel engine that doesn’t use Adblue”, emphasizes Federico Ojanguren, General Manager of Volkswagen Argentina’s Trucks and Buses Division.


Volkswagen Argentina’s Trucks and Buses Division is also celebrating more achievements. The Argentinian magazine Transporte Mundial, published by Motorpress, awarded the company prizes in two categories in 2017: Best New Product Launch, for the new Delivery, and Best Communications Team.