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The e-Delivery family: Volkswagen expands development of electric trucks

November 14 2018
  • From the spotlight to the streets: international success, the 13-ton e-Delivery in the 6x2 configuration premieres in distribution in São Paulo.
  • The model brings intelligent load control and power train system that eliminates the use of a transmission box, resulting in increased vehicle availability and reduced operating cost.


The Volkswagen electric trucks family has just won another member: the 13-ton e-Delivery, designed in the 6x2 configuration. The model is the biggest brother of the 11-ton 4x2 e-Delivery, presented at the IAA, the world's largest commercial vehicle exhibition. "As part of the TRATON Group, we contribute to the global debate on new energy sources by providing viable and concrete solutions. Which become a reality with the arrival of e-Delivery on the streets of São Paulo, one of the largest capitals in the world", says Roberto Cortes, President and CEO of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus. With the presentation of the vehicle, conceived by the Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus Development Center in Resende (RJ), the company reaffirms its commitment in the progress of new technologies aimed at sustainable mobility, besides the feasibility of its use under real operating conditions.

Following a series of development tests, the 13-ton 6x2 e-Delivery features a new powertrain set and a modular architecture to fit the Volkswagen electric commercial vehicles portfolio. The electric engine delivers up to 180kW of power with up to 200km range, varying according to the operating conditions. The third axle comes with simple wheels and suspension to further optimize the operation. The model also features intelligent mass reading system transported by the vehicle to adjust power consumption in conjunction with the Eco-Drive Mode.

Chassis, wheels and tires follow the traditional characteristics and robustness of the new Delivery line, sharing platform components to ensure the synergy and scale of components also with the diesel family, aiming at the consequent reduction of costs. In addition to the e-Delivery truck models, the company has just introduced the Volksbus e-Flex, a bus that combines electric propulsion to engines fueled with gasoline, ethanol or even using natural gas or biomethane, addressing in this way the infrastructure challenges of the municipalities, optimizing the cost of electrification, greatly reducing emissions levels, maximizing autonomy and operational efficiency.

It starts rolling in the next year on Brazilian streets and will enter the brand's sales portfolio only six months after the e-Delivery truck launching, which is scheduled to be manufactured in series from 2020.

Technology: innovation and comfort on board

The new 13-ton e-Delivery has powertrain set-up for ramp starting, without any difficulty, with the aid of the auxiliary ramp start system (HSA). In addition to extremely low noise and zero emissions, comfort is ensured by the unique air suspension system, which makes the on-board experience much more comfortable, reducing fatigue and helping to increase the operation productivity. To maximize the e-Delivery performance, the brakes have a dynamic regeneration system, capable of recovering up to 35% of the energy during braking, to be used in batteries’ recharge.

Regenerative and service brakes work together to provide maximum vehicle deceleration and less component wear, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and increases the vehicle's operation capability. With NMC battery configuration, the new e-Delivery family ranges up to 200 km, varying according to vehicle configuration and operation profile. The batteries can be recharged flexibly (30% in 15 minutes or 100% in 3 hours) in order to meet the most varied demands of the operation, as well as the availability of infrastructure.

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