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New VW Delivery leaves the factory sporting a custom paint job in pink

October 10 2018

In the midst of the white cabs that dominate truck production, 40 brand-new Delivery 11.180 trucks with pink cabs have just left the Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus production line in Resende (RJ). Made to order, a special color tone had to be developed for the vehicles - one never before seen on VW and MAN’s trucks.

The specially-created color drew attention wherever the vehicles went. “More than 85% of the vehicles produced are painted in White Frost, so pink already gets people’s attention. And besides, we´ve never been asked for pink trucks before," says Fabiana Costa, an engineer in the Stamping, Framing and Painting area of VW Caminhões e Ônibus.

 Even with a such a strong preference for white cabs, the development of unique custom paint jobs is all part of the production routine at VW Caminhões e Ônibus. Even though the portfolio of standard colors offers a world of possibilities. There are more than 75 options, including a comprehensive list of special colors and paint jobs for the most diverse range of vehicle fleets tailored to the characteristics of specific brands and products.

“Unlike the color of a car, which is chosen by each consumer according to their individual taste, truck fleets have to meet the needs of the client and be aligned with the visual identity of their brand, product or service. That is why we develop customized finishes," says Fabiana.

 After White Frost, red, silver, green, yellow and blue are the most requested colors by VW truck clients. But the range of special shades within these tones is large: the list includes Stratospheric Blue, Jupiter Beige, Prince Red and many more.

 Inspiration for Pink October

 The pink cabs passing through the production line in October come at the right time: the employees have decided to wear the awareness campaign T-shirt and engage colleagues in Pink October, an campaign intended to alert women and society in general about the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer and, more recently, cervical cancer.