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Ambev Brewery and VW Caminhões e Ônibus announce a joint global commitment to an electric business model

September 21 2018

On September 20th, the companies signed an agreement to cooperate on a project for sustainability in the global logistics market that will be a benchmark in the industry

Ambev, the multinational brewer, and VW Caminhões e Ônibus signed this Thursday, September 20th an agreement to cooperate globally on  the development of an electric mobility business model. The announcement was made by top executives of VW Caminhões e Ônibus and Guilherme Gaia, Director for Sustainability and Supplies at Ambev, in the presence of Andreas Renschler, CEO of the Traton Group, during the IAA in Hannover, Germany, the largest trade fair for commercial vehicles in the world. The companies aim to join forces to bring electric propulsion to the urban distribution market, establishing a benchmark for sustainability for global logistics by operating the VW e-Delivery truck, charged by sustainable energy sources.

This agreement is reached exactly one month after Ambev announced that by 2023 more than 1/3 of its partner distribution fleet will be made up of Volkswagen electric trucks. The initiative involves 1,600 clean-powered vehicles and it is the largest project of its kind in the world announced to date.

“By announcing this agreement at an international fair where sustainable mobility is the major theme we are showing that the technology developed by VW Caminhões e Ônibus  is firmly committed to this aspect of world development and, more than that, that electric propulsion is feasible", says Roberto Cortes , President and CEO of VW Caminhões e Ônibus.

“The dream of establishing the groundwork for electric mobility in support of sustainability is becoming more real every day and with this joint project we reaffirm our commitment to working with partners to develop and market new technologies and processes developed in Brazil that can serve as a benchmark for the global market. Sustainability is not part of our business, it is our business”, says Guilherme Gaia, Director of Sustainability and Supplies at Ambev.

The partnership between Ambev and Volkswagen will see 1,600 VW electric trucks being used for the distribution of beverages such as Skol, Brahma, Antarctica and AMA Mineral Water by 2023. This means that more than 1/3 of Ambev’s fleet will be made up of vehicles powered by clean energy, avoiding the emission of more than 30,400 tons of carbon in the company’s logistics chain every year.

The first truck to be introduced to the fleet will be VW e-Delivery, arriving on the streets of Brazil by the end of this month and inaugurating the first phase of tests which will determine the best technology to meet the operational needs of Ambev. The vehicles will be recharged using electricity generated from 100% clean sources, such as wind and solar power.

This is the first 100% electric light truck in Latin America with zero emissions of CO2, NOX and micro particulates. The solution is in line with the Traton Group's clean technology development and promotion strategy, which both VW Caminhões e Ônibus  and Ambev are committed to.

The partnership is a milestone in the history of both companies. Working together is an important step towards a future that is less and less dependent on fossil fuels, and meeting the aim to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the fleet that serves Ambev, which has already reduced its index by 33.9% by 2014 and 2017.

Cervejaria Ambev and Sustainability

Social-environmental sustainability is a central pillar of Ambev’s businesses. Over the last five years, the company invested over R$ 1 billion in projects turned to this purpose on its operations. The amount contributed to overcome six of the seven goals announced in 2013 to be reached in 2017. Now, the brewery has announced another major step in in this work, with new commitments, which are expected to be met by 2025. The goals, defined globally by AB InBev, are divided into four cores, one of which specifically refers to reducing carbon emissions in its operations and buying power from renewable sources:

Climate Actions: 100% of the power bought by Ambev must come from renewable sources. Also, the company will reduce by 25% the carbon emissions along its value chain.

Recyclable Packaging: 100% of Ambev’s products must be supplied in packaging that is returnable or mainly made of recycled content.

Water Management: expressively improve the availability and quality of the water for 100% of the communities in highly water-stressed areas with which the brewery has a relationship.

Smart Agriculture: 100% of the brewery’s agricultural partners must be trained, connected and financially structured to develop a more and more sustainable cultivation.

About Ambev Brewery

Bringing people together to make a better world. This is what Ambev, a Brazilian company headquartered in São Paulo and represented in 18 countries, dreams of. In Brazil, we are over 32 thousand people who share the same passion for making beer and work together to guarantee celebration and fun moments.

Ambev is an innovative brewery and we have customers at the very center of our decisions and initiatives. Our portfolio includes beers, soft drinks, teas, isotonic drinks, energy drinks and juices with famous brands like Skol, Brahma, Antarctica, Stella Artois, Wäls, Colorado, Guaraná Antarctica, Fusion, do bem and AMA, the mineral water that reverts 100% of its profits for projects that bring access to drinking water to families of the Brazilian semi-arid region.

In the last five years alone, we invested R$ 17.5 billion in the country and left a legacy that goes beyond these investments with our broad sustainability platform. This commitment includes clear goals, which are disclosed to the public, and translate into four pillars: smart consumption, water, zero residue and development. This work is made with a partner network, because we believe that building a new world becomes richer when we do it together.

About VW Caminhões e Ônibus

As a manufacturer of Volkswagen and MAN commercial vehicles, VW Caminhões e Ônibus is one of the largest manufacturers of trucks and buses in Latin America. The innovative company will now produce VW e-Delivery vehicles together with its partners in the Modular Consortium, at the plant located in Resende (RJ).

Since 1981, when it began operations, it has achieved market leadership by respecting and satisfying the needs of its customers, a goal which has always been the focus of the company. And that's exactly what it offers its customers: bespoke products and excellent after-sales service.

The company is also a reference in the industry for technological innovation. Since 2003, the company has researched the use of renewable and alternative fuels, even before legally obliged to do so.

VW Caminhões e Ônibus is a pioneer in the use of biofuels and in the development in Brazil of a truck range equipped with a hybrid diesel-hydraulic drive system. The company always seeks solutions that reduce environmental impact and help preserve the environment.

For more than 35 years, the manufacturer has maintained its commitment to developing vehicles that exceed customer requirements wherever they go, whether on Brazilian, Latin American or African roads.