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01 de September de 2020


  • The largest Volkswagen trucks in the world arrive to make history in the heavy-duty segment, which is expanding most in Brazil;
  •  Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus now has a complete portfolio of tailored products to offer to all customers, of the most varied market niches;
  •  Connected and intelligent: vehicles are born in the 4.0 era, with a free connectivity package for three years and with the highest index of Brazilian content of the segment;
  •  The project included an investment of BRL 1 billion and the construction of the newest heavy-duty assembly line in Brazil.

The new family of heavy-duty Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus debuts to revolutionize cargo transportation and expand the company's portfolio with the largest Volkswagen trucks of all times. The new giants are Meteor 29,520 6x4, Meteor 28,460 6x2 and Constellation 33,460 6x4, all equipped with a 13-liter engine that provides high durability and fuel savings.

The novelties represent yet another milestone: they are the most powerful trucks in the line that bear the VW logo throughout their trajectory, entering the range of 460 and 520 horsepower. The giants now enable the manufacturer in new categories, with solutions to meet the full range of trucks from 3.5 tons to 125 tons, the widest on the Brazilian market.

The duty-heavy VW arrives in the market with the objective of making the brand grow in the segment that is most expanding in Brazil and is the result of four years of meticulous development and more than BRL 1 billion invested, combining Volkswagen's success in the best-selling trucks in Brazil to the demands of customers in the 4.0 universe.

Since its conception, the new heavy-duty Meteor and Constellation have brought VWCO's recipe for success: the expertise of Brazilian engineering with the best of German technology. Proof of this is the Brazilian heart: the models debut the new generation of the MAN D26 13-liter engine, developed and produced in Brazil, the first country outside Europe to manufacture it. The new propellant provides the customer with more than expected vehicle performance, with greater fuel economy, low maintenance costs and durability suitable for the most severe applications.

The Brazilian seasoning permeates the entire project: a team of more than 150 of the automaker's specialists has been dedicated exclusively over the past four years, listening to customers and working for the best solutions together with the group's technical staff. More than a thousand parts were developed by VW Caminhões e Ônibus engineering to ensure a robust product, with high reliability and availability for the most diverse applications. The news also comes with the highest index of Brazilian content in the segment. Everything developed tailored to meet the most diverse road and off-road operations.

The new models were developed with a focus on optimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO), in a strategy that involves the entire customer journey, covering these demands from the development of the project and its technical characteristics to the after-sales service, according to the philosophy that has consecrated the automaker: “less you don't want, more you don't need”.

The new heavy-duty line celebrates yet another feat: the trucks had the largest data acquisition campaign of VW Caminhões e Ônibus. More than 20 prototypes were used to support the development of the new heavy-duty VW in Brazil. This translates into a product of high efficiency, productivity and robustness, with low cost of operation, safety and comfort.

Thus, the launches reach the Volkswagen truck family fully connected and aimed at high productivity: they debut in the 4.0 era of service from the manufacturer, with a wide range of technologies to maximize operational efficiency through embedded intelligence, connectivity and digital services, with three years of free services.

Investments in production - The investment in the new VW heavy-duty family included not only research and development, but also the construction of the newest extra-heavy cabins assembly line in Brazil, from the frame to the finish, with modern 4.0 manufacturing in terms of automation and data connectivity. With investments of more than BRL 500 million and a dedicated team of 150 employees, the launches also have an exclusive area in the VW Caminhões e Ônibus production and development complex in Resende (Rio de Janeiro): they are a total of 18 thousand square meters, including from production to parts logistics. For the maximum synergy characteristic of VWCO's operation, the final assembly of the models will take place on the same line as the MAN TGX vehicles.

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01 de September de 2020

Find out what's new, model by model

VW Meteor 28.460 6x2

Part of the newest line of VW trucks, the 6x2 tractor arrives to reinforce the company's portfolio in the road transport of medium and long distance loads. Tailor-made for the customer and to match the segment that moves the wealth of Brazil, the Meteor line was designed to provide drivers with a true first-class trip, according to the current design requirements of the Volkswagen Group, with detailed solutions for perfect functionality and visual quality, in line with the other models produced by the company. In this way, the driver finds in the new heavy-duty vehicles a series of styling details of the Volkswagen Group's automobiles, taking care to make the recognized internal space of the VW trucks even better, with all the comfort, standards and dimensions of the vehicles currently in line. Meteor operates with 3-axle semi-trailers with PBTC from 48.5 to 53 tons. Very versatile, it can operate in the most varied segments, such as tipper, general cargo chest, refrigerator chest, dry cargo, stork, bulk carrier, container holder, sider, silo, tank, among others. It has a propeller with 460 horsepower and 2,300 Nm of torque, with the new Traxon automated transmission with 12 and 16 speeds.

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VW Meteor 29,520 6x4

The most powerful truck from VW Caminhões e Ônibus debuts on the Brazilian market already making history and with a Brazilian heart: it is equipped with the new generation of the renowned 13-liter MAN D26 engine, now produced in Brazil, in São Paulo (SP), on the first manufacturing line outside Europe. With 520 horsepower and 2,500 Nm of torque, the propeller has more than 130 modified components to achieve the combination of power, torque, reduced fuel consumption and durability. It's equipped with the new Traxon automated transmission with 12 and 16 speeds. Like the other newcomers, it has a chassis designed by Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus engineers of all the accumulated know-how, with rigorous development to make vehicles lighter, culminating in maximum payload capacity. The 6x4 tractor was developed for road transport of medium and long distance loads. It operates with 7 and 9 Axle Vehicle Load Combinations, with PBTC from 57 to 74 tons, with all proof versatility.

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VW Constellation 33.460 6x4

In the month in which the Constellation family celebrates 15 years of success, the line that is a symbol of tradition and confidence emerges with great news: the robustness of the new generation of the 13-liter MAN D26 engine, now produced in Brazil, and the cabin that makes history among the favorites on the market come together in an unprecedented combination, meeting the demands primarily of the off-road segment and also on highway applications, in mixed use. With PBTC and CMT of 74 and 125 tons, respectively, the model has been tested and approved in real conditions for more than two years and brings the best solution for a typically Brazilian application, tailored for agribusiness. With a versatile vocation, the new Constellation brings a series of features for the driver to overcome the most adverse driving conditions. Ideal for heavy load operations on asphalt and dirt roads, it has a propeller with 460 horsepower and 2,300 Nm of torque, with the new Traxon automated transmission of 12 and 16 speeds.

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01 de September de 2020

Brazilian heart: the new generation of the MAN D26 engine, produced in Brazil, debuts in the largest truck in VW Caminhões e Ônibus history

  • Brazil is the first country outside Europe to produce the engine;
  • Sustainability and savings: nationalization project in Brazil ensures the high availability of components for maintenance and repair;
  • Main propellant materials meet Volkswagen Group's new recyclability guidelines, as well as a significant reduction in greenhouse gas levels;
  • Available in 460 hp and 520 hp versions, it combines technology that guarantees more performance, durability, robustness and better use of fuel;
  • The vehicle was developed to offer operational gains to the customer, with fuel savings.

The new heavy-duty Volkswagen celebrates a true milestone: they are equipped with the new generation of the MAN D26 13-liter engine, which is now produced in Brazil, in the first assembly line outside of Europe, with the greatest power in its history. The propeller uses the best European technology, adapted to the needs of the Brazilian market, and equips the most powerful trucks in the portfolio of all time that bears the VW logo, entering the range of 460 and 520 horsepower, with 2,300 and 2,500 Nm of torque, respectively.

Thanks to the nationalization conducted by the VW Caminhões e Ônibus Engineering team, the heart of the new heavy-duty VW is Brazilian. The expertise in local production of the MAN D08 four and six-cylinder engines, since 2012, has enabled the team to take on the challenge of nationalizing in Brazil the engine of the largest VW truck of all time.

Although it is a well-known engine, with more than 600 thousand units produced in the last 15 years and in full operation worldwide, the new generation of the now Brazilian MAN D26 makes a leap in efficiency. During its nationalization process, more than 130 components were modified or located, including the most important parts of the engine, such as the block and the head, among others. These changes were made so that it achieved the combination of power, torque, reduced fuel consumption and durability. The components were located and the processes were adapted to optimize costs and the performance expected by customers.

The new injection system, together with new pistons and the new turbocharger with electronic control, considerably improve combustion efficiency, allowing an increase in power density, with high performance, durability and reduced fuel consumption.

Powertrain configured for savings - The entire powertrain of VW's new family of heavy-duty vehicles was designed to offer operational gains to the customer. In addition to the Brazilian MAN D26 engine, a number of factors support this advantage, such as the new automated Traxon transmission, which adds up to more efficient components and intelligent systems for maximum efficiency in the operation.

The new heavy-duty vehicles debut the Traxon automated transmission in the VW portfolio, calibrated to market demands, available in 12 and 16 speed versions for all vehicle model configurations, manufactured by ZF.

The result is better fuel consumption and superior performance for driving conditions in the country. This gearbox processes information at high speed. In combination with the embedded technology system, it provides more intelligent gear changes for the most diverse topographic and cargo conditions, optimizing consumption, safety and comfort.

The new high efficiency tractive axles have a wide range of transmission ratios, which are adapted to the most varied operating conditions, ensuring high performance and durability, with low fuel consumption.

The vehicle also includes an embedded intelligence that uses geo-referencing to add efficiency, availability, security and robustness to the application. The system with sensors and electronic functions allows for an adequate and automatic management of engine power, gear changes, use of the brake and use of the vehicle's inertia according to the topography and the transported load.

Thanks to this work it was possible to combine superior performance with a notable improvement in fuel consumption. The new generation of MAN D26 engine, the new automated Traxon transmission, the electronic management system and the aerodynamic improvements promote a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Evolution in all components - The secret of the powertrain of the new VW tractors is not restricted, however, to the MAN D26 engine and Traxon transmission and their advanced programming. There are evolutions in all components, which were developed with a focus on durability, cost of operation, ease of maintenance and modularity, to allow a greater number of variants to meet customer needs. This work guarantees the best adaptability of the product to the market and the high availability required for the application.

All models of the new family have two tanks, with capacities ranging from 630 liters (two of 315l, in plastic) to 940 liters (two of 470l, in aluminum), according to the chosen wheelbase. With the exception of off-road, all are aluminum. The heavy-duty VW also has a tank for 100 liters of Arla 32, promoting balanced autonomy for the applications. The entire fuel and injection system was developed to work with biodiesel.


01 de September de 2020

New Meteor family: proudly Brazilian with worldwide Volkswagen design

  • Truck robustness, with comfort for first class travel;
  • Driver finds in the new heavy-duties a series of styling details of Volkswagen Group cars.

Whether for agribusiness, mining or crossing the country, the new Meteor family comes to the market proudly made for Brazilian drivers, bringing what's most innovative in terms of design and tailored to meeting the needs of the fields and roads throughout Brazil.

To keep up with the segment that draws on the riches of Brazil, the VW Meteor line was designed to provide drivers with a true first-class trip, according to the current design requirements of Volkswagen Group: meeting customer needs with detailed solutions for perfect functionality and visual quality.

For customers, trucks are a professional work tool and, therefore, must communicate strength, robustness and high quality. To emphasize these attributes, the exterior of the VW Meteor line is structured on a sturdy base, finished like the front grille, with strong VW design characteristics and a proudly displayed brand image.

In addition to the clean design, with functional elements such as integrated air deflectors, the driver finds in the new heavy-duty vehicles a series of style details of the Volkswagen Group's cars, valuing space and comfort through the new colors and materials applied, as in the case banks, putting Meteor on the same level of standard and quality as vehicles currently in line.

Another inspiration for the development of the design was the focus on the premium visual quality of the product, which emphasizes the typical logic of the VW truck family. The design team's job was to show the commitment to the visual identity of the online models, as is the case with the successful Delivery family. Launched three years ago and designed by the same design team, it is instantly recognized on the streets and roads by its strong identity.

The Meteor cabin provides an ergonomic environment for the daily activities of customers, such as a panel with a friendly interface integrated with a multifunctional steering wheel and comfortable seats and beds, defined with materials and configurations that provide a pleasant feeling and excellent comfort.


01 de September de 2020

Heavy-duty VW: the tailored and modularized trucks

  • Modularity allows multiple variations, tailored for the most diverse applications;
  • Lighter: to culminate in maximum load capacity, VWCO engineering was able to eliminate 80 kilos in the chassis, even with an increase in the volumes of Arla 32 and diesel.

Chassis - Regardless of the cabin, the chassis is always the same in the new heavy-duty VW family, which has more than ten variations when thinking only of the combination between the two suspension options and up to three wheelbase dimensions. With this modularity, the VWCO offer allows customers to configure the vehicle for maximum productivity. Added to this is all the robustness already characteristic of the brand's products and the result is felt quite significantly in the total cost of the operation, the so-called TCO.

Considered the backbone of the vehicle because it houses about 90% of the vehicle's parts, the chassis of the new vehicles was designed by Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus engineers from all the know-how accumulated by professionals in years of experience in the segment, either with other VW models or with the MAN TGX line. The objective of the rigorous development was to make vehicles as light as possible, culminating in maximum load capacity. On average, this effort by VWCO professionals managed to eliminate 80 kilos, despite a considerable increase in the volumes of Arla 32 and diesel.

All the parts of the project underwent a rigid and careful structural calculation study, aiming at maximizing robustness with the lowest possible weight, with the new design and materials that ensure the highest payload capacity. This work also fulfilled its purpose of facilitating maintenance, both by the communization of components and by novelties such as the battery cover positioned in order to speed up access.

Axles - The new rear axle ratios are a separate chapter and deserve to be highlighted. The set is designed to provide the best performance and lowest fuel consumption for the vehicle, with the customer being able to choose the axle ratio that suits their operation, with the support of the VWCO dealer sales consultant. In addition to the performance, the models are differentiated by the additional comfort of a completely new steering system to make the experience at the wheel smooth.

Within the brand's tailor-made concept, the same chassis can come with three wheelbase options, optimized for the best load distribution and to be able to run with the implement in the maximum length allowed by Brazilian legislation, resulting in a greater traction capacity, which can reach up to 125 tons in the off-road model and varying between 53 tons in the 6x2 or 74 tons in the 6x4 road version. To have a comparison parameter: before, the VW line reached a maximum of 63 tons on the road.

In VW Meteor 28.460 6x2 and 29.520 6x4 models, the wheelbase can be 3,200mm, 3,400mm or 3,600 mm. In the Constellation, the wheelbase will be 3,200 mm for the off-road 6x4.

Suspension - Another component developed by VWCO Engineering for the best operating result is the suspension, which in some configurations can even represent a reduction of 170 kilos in the total weight of the vehicle. Whether in the metallic or pneumatic version, the automaker's professionals developed sets that best adapt to the Brazilian operating reality.

For the VW Meteor, the version with eight air pockets is available in all variations of the model, whether in the 6x2 or 6x4. The metallic one with two beams of parabolic springs in the front and three beams in the rear can equip the 28.460 6x2 with wheelbase of 3,600 mm or the 29.520 6x4 with any wheelbase. Meanwhile, the VW Constellation 33.460 model has a metallic suspension.

The air suspension comes with an intelligent system for reading the load carried per axle and with the ability to redistribute in order to balance the weight on each axle. The driver also has the option of programming the air pockets to adjust the height of the implement when loading or unloading the vehicle. All performed by remote control, from inside the cabin.

The heavy-duty for off-road operation also has an important attribute: its rear axles come with reduced hubs, ideal for applications with high performance in heavy off-road transport.

Tanks - All models will have two tanks, with capacities ranging from 630 to 940 liters, according to the chosen wheelbase. With the exception of off-road, all are aluminum. The heavy-duty VW also has a tank for 100 liters of Arla 32, the largest autonomy in the category, which maximizes productivity by avoiding the need for filling during the trip.

More news and safety - As if so many variations weren't enough, VWCO will still offer the customer, among the options, vertical exhaust and electric tilting. Another possibility will be an extra differential lock protection for severe operations on the VW Constellation 6x4 model. The heavy-duty VW Constellation also comes with a support behind the cabin, in preparation for applications that require the repositioning of the pneumatic and electrical connection system between the tractor and the implement, another request coming directly from the market in customer tests.

In addition to all the points mentioned, Constellation becomes the first vehicle of the Constellation series to be equipped with EBS brakes, an electronic brake system that brings the function that electronically controls the braking pressure for the tracks, preventing the implement from pushing the tractor.

Heavy-duty VW Constellation 33.460 6x4 debut ready for any terrain

  • Off-road truck has features to face the most adverse conditions, characteristics of applications in mines, cane fields and lumber mills

The new heavy-duty VW Constellation 33.460 6x4 is born ready to face the most diverse challenges of agribusiness, with a series of tailored features, guaranteeing the vehicle the capacity to safely cross off-road operations. The customer has improved vehicle performance in these driving conditions, thanks to the different gear shift strategy.

Activation of the off-road mode is done by means of a key on the panel. When starting the vehicle, a warning lamp is lit on the panel, indicating that the function is enabled. Another highlight is the Rocking free function. Also activated by means of a button on the center console, right next to the driver. It is used as an aid in more critical situations, when the vehicle is bogged down in low-traction terrain, such as sandy or muddy terrain. This function is best used in conjunction with differential lock and ATC Off, functions available in all models of the new line.

With the active function, the transmission doesn't change gears, that is, it remains in the selected gear, which reduces the probability of the vehicle spinning and facilitates transposition. Its performance is effective in removing the vehicle from the quagmire conditions. When it comes to practical operation, the Constellation debuts with an unprecedented feature: the oil level indication on the dashboard, as soon as the driver starts. The function makes the routine of checking the oil level more agile, practical and safe, with strategies to alert the driver and protect the engine.

Another highlight is the work light, located behind the cabin. With it, it is possible to illuminate the region in procedures such as connection or disconnection with the truck. A fuse box, installed near the batteries, has been developed to protect against electrical damage.

Comfort and functionality: VW Meteor heavy-duty truck arrives with a vocation for any application

  • Driving and braking safety and driver assistance features are highlights of the heavy duty vehicles that pull up to 74 tons

With premium truck content and optimized cost-benefit, the new VW Meteor arrives with comfort and functionality tailored to it. Upon entering the cabin, the driver already checks these attributes on the vehicle's dashboard, with a combination of colored and white displays specially developed to allow quick viewing of vehicle information. The radio has a seven-inch screen and an optional multimedia system that allows connection to cell phones and features such as access to maps of the MirrorLink and CarPlay systems.

And to take the riches of the country, the vehicle that pulls up to 74 tons brings the HSA function, which helps the ramp start, an essential feature for the large compositions of the heavy-duty segment. Still in line with driver safety, the model features an EBS braking system that performs electronic brake pressure regulation to provide more effective stops and prevents the wheels from locking up. The 6x2 and 6x4 vehicles are equipped with the ASR function, traction control that can be activated with a key on the panel to help traverse the most difficult terrains.

When adjusting the headlights, the customer has a key on the panel, with a configuration established according to the limits allowed for each load, in a simple way and according to the parameters of the legislation.

In addition to having outlets available on the panel, the driver also has more practicality at rest time: USB port, 12V and 24V outlets and digital clock are next to the bed. This area also has reading light and storage compartment.

For safety, if the driver's door is opened with the truck running, an audible signal is emitted if the parking brake has not been applied or the vehicle is in the drive position. The rearview mirrors defogging system ensures agility and safety on the coldest days.

01 de September de 2020

Welcome aboard: inside the new VW Meteor heavy-duty family

  • High technology in materials, sustainability, ergonomics and comfort are highlights

The most powerful heavy-duty of the VW Caminhões e Ônibus portfolio brings a fully tested cabin to face any road, using the most innovative materials, in line with the global evolution in the segment of raw materials that bring more lightness and sustainability to the automotive industry, bringing together high-strength and thinner steels, in addition to engineering plastics.

On the outside, the grid was designed with a material that combines high strength, lightness, technology and allows pieces that refine the design lines. Robustness, striking lines and aerodynamics are characteristics in this project. The bumper is tripartite, with materials resistant to weather and ultraviolet radiation and the result is a light set, compared to a solid bumper, showing an elegant and improved design. In addition, the central part of the bumper has a premium look with horizontal chrome bars, with aerodynamic shape and directing of the air flow to the radiator, increasing the efficiency of the cooling system, which translates into reduced fuel consumption.

Inside, more innovation: the entire roof is designed with composite material made in Brazil, providing a weight reduction of around 25% compared to its metallic counterpart. The combination of materials, in addition to bringing lightness, reduces components, contributes to acoustic and thermal comfort. The fabric with coupling, applied directly and developed in Brazil especially for the model, refers to a soft touch and superior finish.

To enter the cabin of the new VW Meteor, the driver has doors that open 90° and steps properly positioned, allowing obstacle-free, easy and safe access, with handles on both ends of the doors.

Everything is at hand - Inside the cabin the driver has ergonomics custom developed. The steering wheel has height and depth adjustments, is multifunctional, with control keys positioned to be accessed quickly and directly, without the need to remove your hands from the steering wheel.

On the instrument panel, the modular concept stands out, which allows organizing devices such as radio, multimedia, tachograph and equipment specific to each operation. Up to 50 keys can also be provisioned on the panel, depending on the model configuration, so that the driver can control the most diverse systems quickly and easily. Even the automated gear shift operation is done by means of a key in the center of the panel, positioned so as not to divert the driver's attention.

In this same module there is the command of the digital air conditioning: just select the desired temperature with the automatic mode activated to continue the trip in comfort, and the cabin has central, lower and upper exits on the windshield and additionally in the door windows, which improves the air distribution and the air conditioning of the cabin and is a differential in adverse conditions, preventing the fogging of the windows.

All the controls on the instrument panel are visible and within easy reach. The same happens with the doors, with the buttons of the electric windows, with a touch system, and of the rear view mirrors, including heating, for cold days.

In addition, the driver's seat stands out for its ergonomics: it comes with standard armrest, integrated headrest, precise adjustments and a seat belt integrated into the seat itself, a fundamental condition to avoid bumps while traveling on uneven or very rough terrain, so that driving is as comfortable as possible.

The suspension in the seat, the shape of the seat and the backrest contribute to a route with less wear on board. In addition, the fabrics bring a series of premium technologies, providing a soft touch, reduced dirt, easy cleaning and quick drying (dry fit), in addition to the use of environmentally friendly materials. And in the seats the news does not stop there: there is also the option of seats in premium synthetic leather, with a special pattern and developed specifically for the Brazilian market.

And at rest time - For comfort at rest, the new Meteor brings one of the largest beds on the market, completely flat, curtains for the bed and for all windows and windshields, with black out system, to guarantee privacy. The fabric of the bed has repellent and anti-bacterial properties, translating into comfort with a soft fabric, pleasant to the touch, easy to clean and which can be removable for washing, all designed for the driver's well-being and hygiene. Under the bed, which can be tilted, there is space for luggage, in addition to the multi-purpose toolboxes, with integrated storage compartments and access from inside the cabin.

The movement inside the cabin and access to the bed is facilitated by the excellent central area, by the height to the ceiling (one of the largest in the category) and with the floor completely flat in this region. The rest area also has a USB port for connecting devices, digital clock, special lighting and to make it more complete, you can count on a retractable multifunctional storage compartment, unique in its category. During the night's sleep, the air conditioner installed on the ceiling allows adjustments by remote control for a pleasant night's sleep. And if you need it, you still have ambient LED lighting. The cabin also optionally offers a refrigerator to complement the attributes of comfort and convenience.

01 de September de 2020

Welcome aboard: inside the most powerful member of VW Constellation family

  • The most comfortable cabin in Brazil gets even better

With the largest internal space in the category, the cabin of the Constellation family is already recognized for the comfort on board by customers throughout Brazil. And in the new heavy-duty it got even better: driving position, steering wheel grip, new seats for driver and passenger, instrument panel, storage compartments, new bed and enough space to transit are highlights.

When arriving at the cockpit the driver already has a positive experience: the driver's seat excels in ergonomics, brings support for the standard armrest, integrated headrest, precise adjustments and seat belt integrated into the seat itself, a fundamental condition to avoid jolts during the journey on uneven or very rough terrain, so that driving is as comfortable as possible. The suspension on the seats, the shape of the seat and backrest collaborate for a route with less wear on board.

On the instrument panel, the modular concept stands out, which allows organizing devices such as radio, tachograph and equipment specific to each operation.

The air conditioning system meets the most stringent specifications. Thanks to the superior performance air box, it has a high and fast cooling capacity in the cabin, which is added to the ventilation with intense air flow.

As the truck is often the driver's second home, the moment of rest on board also received attention: the new bed in a higher position and close and easily accessible storage compartments to optimize space, in addition to the storage area under the bed with a 10% increase in volume.

On the outside, it is robust enough to face the roughest terrain. The new model has a greater angle of attack and the bumper is now metallic, which prevents deformation and breakage, preserving the unique design of Constellation models. The headlights also have extra protections, through the front metallic grills incorporated into the model without detracting from the beauty of the design.

The mirrors are retractable and have a damping system for recoil and closing, in case of obstacles along the way and for applications that require constant mirror closing.

High technology in materials - The design of the new Constellation features high technology materials that add sustainability and contribute to reducing the vehicle's weight and also to safety. The cabin structure is one of the highlights: the cabin is reinforced with high-strength steels, which make it safer and more resistant, meeting the most stringent European safety requirements (ECE R29/2 standard).

01 de September de 2020

The big figures behind a family of giants: check out the backstage of creation of the new heavy-duty VW

  • Tests: new heavy-duty vehicles had the largest data acquisition campaign from VWCO;
  • More than 20 prototypes were used in the development of the new heavy-duty VW in Brazil;
  • Development involved customers from the first stage of field validations.

Two vehicles with 300 monitoring points consolidate the largest data acquisition campaign of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus in tests. From a whip script support to an entire axle, nothing escaped the careful analysis of the automaker's engineers to prove the robustness and durability of the components of the new VW heavy-duty family.

In this measurement campaign, Meteor vehicles crossed six Brazilian states on road routes that have traditionally been a symbol of soy transportation in Brazil. Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro were on the route of these highways.

Sensors and special instruments were installed throughout the vehicle, subjected to the most adverse highway conditions, whether in real operation, special tracks, roads or the VWCO proving ground in Resende.

In the VW Constellation model, with its already known cabin, the tests involved application to customers, who actively participated in the development of the vehicle and contributed with improvements to ensure that the novelties were 100% aligned to the day-to-day demand.

Over two years, the models were part of the fleet of customers in the sugar cane segment in the interior of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, in severe condition, carrying up to 125 tons. This was the first time that VWCO provided models still in the prototype phase for this type of evaluation.

Be it in the off-road or on road application, the models have overcome diverse track and climatic conditions, even facing quagmires loaded with 74 tons, to validate their configuration and the traditional VW reliability before they reach the market.

Structured tests of accelerated durability were conducted in the VWCO proving ground, based on the information gathered in real applications, establishing an agile and efficient development process to deliver to the market an extremely robust product, tailored to operate in the most diverse applications of the heavy-duty segment.

Cabin tests - The cabin underwent several tests, including the cab shake, in which the cabin is subjected to abrupt movements in a laboratory test. There was a simulation of kneading of the cabin and even tilting so that the final result is the least possible effort for the driver. In addition, the cabin was subjected to thermal aging tests in a climatic chamber, which promoted abrupt highs and lows in temperature and humidity to gauge the durability of internal and external finishing components.

The work included defrosting and defrosting tests, carried out at low temperatures, with the objective of validating the capacity of the air conditioning and ventilation systems in extreme conditions, in which safety can be compromised by low visibility.

Simulations for the best operating cost - In vehicles that are launched now, customers will notice this equation of simulations and evaluations in real conditions. This translates into the best operating cost, since the final design of each component is optimized for maximum durability, safety, comfort and productivity of the models.

Technical validation was carried out on the new VWCO test track in Resende, the most advanced in Latin America, and also in the field in partnership with customers, engaging them in this development.

In line with what is most modern in project management, this launch involves integration teams between different departments of the company, in addition to a wide range of virtual simulations to speed up vehicle evaluations and reduce development costs, done with components dynamically, and even creating new testing procedures in the company.

At the same time, the VWCO team of professionals also prepared an extensive study of the heavy-duty operations in Brazil to ensure that the configuration of the vehicles met the reality of operation in the country, maximizing the operational results of the customers.

More video in: http://vwtbpress.com/videos_interna.php?id=43

01 de September de 2020

Services 4.0 boost productivity of the new family of the heavy-duty Volkswagen

  • State-of-the-art technology for fleet monitoring at low cost to the customer integrates the entire new line of heavy-duty Volkswagen trucks;
  • VW Caminhões e Ônibus offers three years of free telemetry in the product launch phase;
  • Dealer Online allows you to configure the truck and access services by cell phone;
  • A series of digital solutions adds practicality to the life of the owner or fleet owner.

Conceived within the concept of the 4.0 services of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, the new family of heavy duty vehicles of the brand has in connectivity and telemetry strong allies in the name of productivity. For this purpose, the new Volkswagen heavy-duty vehicles rely on the RIO system - the brand of digital logistics solutions of the TRATON Group -, as standard in this launch phase, taking to the customer all Volks|Care services, such as the specialized consultancy of Tailor-Made Service Management (GSSM in Portuguese), of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, and with numerous digital facilities, which allow everything from the configuration of the truck to the scheduling of services through the cell phone.

As of now, Volks|Care services, specially designed to increase the availability of the vehicle and reduce its operating cost, optimizing profitability, are already offered at more than 140 VW dealers across Brazil.

This is because the heavy-duty segment customer doesn't just want to purchase a truck. He wants to have guaranteed productivity and availability of the vehicle. Knowing this, together with an innovative family of trucks, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus presents a series of services specially developed to ensure that customers obtain the best results, in any type of business.

Among the highlights is the offer of basic monitoring for the truck free of charge for a period of three years. Based on this service, the owner or fleet owner will be able to monitor the main performance indicators of the vehicle - such as consumption, autonomy, distance traveled and braking intensity, among many others. This is what allows the adoption of specific training for drivers and the improvement of fleet results, in general.

Added to the free services are a series of other indicators that the customer can obtain through RIO Premium Fleet packages, which increase the reading of truck data to more than 30 items, providing a complete and meticulous analysis of the direction of the heavy-duty Volkswagen. The data are made available by reports to the client, who also has the assistance of Volks|Care, with the Tailor-Made Service Management.

More than data, VW Caminhões e Ônibus provides intelligence to customers, with a qualified group of professionals from the GSSM team, which interprets the vehicle's monitoring information and indicates the best necessary corrective actions. With this, it is possible to offer, in one go, the best performance of the vehicles, the preservation of the useful life of components and the best resale value of the trucks.

The connectivity services of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus are available throughout Brazil and Latin America.

Solutions 4.0

The focus on the customer is one of the main differentials of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, which has led the brand to develop, over time, a series of after-sales services, which are now also available for the new line of heavy-duty vehicles. But the brand also presents a brand new solution, developed exclusively for the launch of the new heavy-duty Volkswagen: the Dealer Online.

This is a responsive digital platform - that is, adaptable to the screens of cell phones, tablets and desktops -, in which the customer has access to a series of facilities, such as the configuration of the truck, which includes the choice of the most appropriate options for operation and also external items, such as the color of the vehicle. In addition, through Dealer Online, the customer can schedule services over the internet. The system will indicate the most appropriate dealer, the date and time of the service.

The layered development of this platform allows adding a series of services over time, always with the aim of making the lives of customers simpler.

Customers of the new heavy-duty Meteor and Constellation also have a tag integrated with ConectCar, as a standard item on the models, facilitating traffic on toll roads and optimizing vehicle productivity on the roads. To access this service, the customer just needs to click on the VW /ConectCar app and register, without having to go to a ConectCar store.

Convenience is also the keyword of the Truck Help application, which is part of the new line of heavy-duty vehicles. It is a platform developed to assist drivers and fleet owners in the purchase of parts, services and emergency services throughout the Brazilian territory. With the application, which is now connected to ChameVolks, customers can locate the nearest dealer, make their appointment online or ask for help. In the event of a pandemic, the application also indicates locations for the distribution of alcohol in gel, food stops and support actions for drivers.

The pandemic also motivated the implementation of another service, which already shows great adherence: the Virtual Assistant, originally developed as a sales tool for maintenance plans, but which has become yet another channel for the customer to ask questions, get to know the VW truck and buses portfolio or even close a purchase.

Since June, Volkswagen customers also have at their disposal the VWCO Field Service, a tool that enables the monitoring of the technician's movement in real time - by the customer, dealer and also by the assembler's relationship center - from his departure from the dealership until the arrival at the service location.

The Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus plant in Resende has also made its processes increasingly technological, ensuring even more quality and reliability to the components of its entire truck line. In this respect, a new feature is the Technical Analysis 4.0 area, opened in July. With the use of augmented reality glasses, the devices make the contact between factory, customers and suppliers even closer, allowing the detailed technical analysis of components, even at a distance.

Finally, customers also rely on the traditional ChameVolks service channel, with service provided by technicians trained by the factory, who deeply understand the product and who speak the language of the driver and fleet owner. In addition to the telephone contact available 24 hours, seven days a week, the service is offered via WhatsApp. In emergency calls, for example, the driver can send audios, images and even video messages from the panel via WhatsApp, complementing the telephone contact and facilitating the technical diagnosis and the solution of the case.

01 de September de 2020

Heavy-duty revolution: new 4.0 production lines had an investment of BRL 500 million

  • Structure includes an exclusive building for the assembly of heavy-duty vehicles and a new logistics area;
  • Chipped cabins allow remote programming of the robots and also to know the status of the vehicle from anywhere in the world.

With investments of BRL 500 million, the Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus complex in Resende (RJ) underwent a real revolution to house one of the most modern truck lines in Latin America, dedicated exclusively to the new heavy-duty Volkswagen.

From the frame to the cabin finish, the whole process was created according to the 4.0 manufacturing concepts, with advanced robotics and Big Data intelligence for greater productivity and safety in the operation. Now the VW Caminhões e Ônibus plant in Resende has more than 70 robots, one third of which are dedicated to the Meteor line, in addition to a 100% cloud data system to build the new cabin.

The resources were applied in the installation of a new process for cabin frame, with 80% automation, and also in the construction of a building of about 4.5 thousand square meters dedicated to the truck finishing with the assembly of more than a thousand parts from the cabin interior.

The investment also includes a new logistics area to ensure greater efficiency in the supply and inventory of components. More modern equipment also becomes part of the final assembly line for efficiency and productivity gains.

Cabins with chip - Within the Big Data concept, the cabin receives a chip that allows its identification during the entire manufacturing process. Thus it is possible to program the robots remotely and also know the vehicle status from anywhere in the world. This information stored in the cloud allows real-time monitoring by the VWCO team of specialists, in order to use the information to align the entire production and sales strategy.

This chip is installed right at the beginning of the assembly, still on the frame line, which occupies an area of 2,800 square meters and houses more than 130 new pieces of equipment, responsible for a welding process that is 100% automated for the first time in the VWCO, reaching 2,846 welding points. The final quality analysis also follows the same line, with cameras taking care of the entire measurement to ensure the perfection of the cabin. The robots also take care of glue application operations, pin fixation and transport of metallic plates.

Unprecedented automatically guided vehicles - In the new cabin finishing building, more innovations, in tune with what is most modern in Europe. For the first time, VWCO employs automatically guided vehicles (so-called AGVs) to transport the vehicle on its assembly line. This brings so much flexibility to the automaker's production model, allowing for quick adaptations, while optimizing resources. AGVs navigate by induction using frequencies embedded in the building floor. There is an entire intelligent system to make your operation more efficient: a tracking scanner to avoid collisions and an automatic charging station for your batteries also installed in the floor.

The movement of the entire line is done automatically, controlled by the Big Data system. The process information is available on screens along the entire line, at each of the 15 assembly stations. This hyperconnectivity controls each stage and prevents, for example, the displacement of any vehicle without the necessary security or that the activity has been completed. Intelligent reading is done through sensors installed in the building.

In parallel with the finishing of the cabin, there are lines of pre-assembly of its doors, instrument panel and roof, sequenced to the production schedule. The efficient automation system also optimizes the use of the same robot that applies ceiling glue, instrument panel, windshield and porthole. Another novelty is the adoption of a single glue for the four applications, reducing costs and waste to the environment.

First assembly line outside of Europe - The new Volkswagen heavy-duty family has the new generation of the MAN D26 13 liter engine, developed and produced in Brazil, the first country outside Europe to house the propeller assembly line. Installed at the MWM plant in São Paulo, the new line was designed especially for the engine that equips the largest and most powerful VW trucks in the world.


Sales and After Sales

From conception to after-sales: comprehensive training for the new VW heavy-duty family

  • The entire production team, suppliers, service channels and after sales have undergone training;
  • Training formats varied: games, augmented reality and virtual simulations were used in the process.

The new heavy-duty vehicles from VW were designed, from their conception, for efficiency not only in operation, but also in their entire manufacturing process, reaching after-sales. Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus invested in intensive training, whether for employees of the Modular Consortium or suppliers so that 100% of the chain is trained.

From training in game format to 360° technology, augmented reality and virtual simulations, VWCO spared no effort. This is how the trucks launched now arrive with a complete package of sales and services, manufactured with a high level of excellence following concepts of manufacturing 4.0.

Since 2017, automaker professionals have simulated its assembly and disassembly hundreds of times so that each job takes place with ergonomics and in the best use of resources, following the highest levels of reliability that the market recognizes in the brand's vehicles. In the so-called Pilot Plant, an area known as the VWCO factory-laboratory in Resende (RJ), multipliers of this knowledge participate in defining the scope and step by step of the process and then sharing the training with the entire plant.

In parallel, technical assistance and customer service teams, including ChameVolks, are trained so that they already know the product since its origin and influence its development to ensure the best after-sales for the new Volkswagen heavy-duty family, with ease of maintenance, custom parts and agility in solutions. The work also involves professionals of the dealer and importer network.

Heavy-duty preparation - The Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus dealership network is already prepared to tend to all the peculiarities of the heavy-duty segment customers in a differentiated way, offering new and differentiated services. Any heavy-duty VW truck that enters any of the more than 140 dealerships across Brazil will send a signal to VWCO, and a specialist technician will immediately contact the dealer in order to expedite service.

With 100% on-line training for the first time, the technical, commercial and connectivity materials for network training were created with all the practical knowledge of the Dealer Network Development area in synergy with other sectors of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus.

With new learning resources such as 3D filming and virtual reality, network training also has an online platform complete with exclusive materials on the new line in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. In addition, the entire VWCO dealer network will have a dedicated technical assistance team and specialist salespeople on the new VW Meteor line.


VW Caminhões e Ônibus advances in nationalization and announces investment of BRL 8 million in the Vinhedo Parts Distribution Center

  • Nationalization and spare parts strategy contributes to the best TCO in the segment of heavy-duty trucks;
  • Investment in the distribution of parts and remanufactured lines are also part of the strategy for launching new heavy-duty items.

Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus worked hard in the nationalization of parts suppliers, bringing to the new heavy-duty VW Meteor and VW Constellation a greater availability of items, in addition to competitive prices in the replacement market, which directly impact on TCO (total cost of ownership) of the vehicle. In addition, with an investment of BRL 1.3 million by 2021, in the Vinhedo Parts Distribution Center (São Paulo), VW Caminhões e Ônibus brings novelties in its parts and accessories lines, which will be distributed to the entire dealer network.

The investment is part of a cycle until 2022, with an investment that will reach BRL 8 million, applied in the expansion of the area by another 4 thousand square meters, thus going from the current 32 thousand m² to 36 thousand m², in addition to new processes to advance further in logistics efficiency.

The Parts and Accessories sector is responsible for sending and selling spare parts and components to supply the network of more than 140 dealers throughout Brazil, in addition to the approximately 30 countries to which the company exports its vehicles. The numbers are impressive: more than 4 million parts are packed annually, in a universe of more than 32 thousand items available.

Complete lines of Parts and Accessories contribute to the success of the new heavy-duty vehicles - Volks GreenLine, VWCO's remanufactured parts line, features items such as engines, heads, turbochargers, fuel injectors, transmission synchronizers and clutch kits, which make up the portfolio of after-sales products and solutions. The offer of these products focuses on reducing TCO and encourages sustainability actions in the market.

The Almax lubricant line, sold at the dealership network, brings the Almax Premium Original 10W40 Lubricant, specially formulated for Volkswagen trucks and buses that use D08 and D26 engines. Its 100% synthetic composition is ideal for heavy duty diesel engines, offering high performance in protection against wear and providing greater maintenance savings. Its active additive technology enhances the protection performance against corrosion by acids, deposits and friction, significantly increasing the service life of the main engine components.

Another new feature of the Almax line is the new Almax Mais 2.0 platform, an innovation in the well-known Almax lubricant relationship program, which will now also have an application to facilitate the access of customers and sellers to the various advantages and awards.

Tailored Kits will also be available for the new line of VW trucks, with important items for the maintenance of your vehicle and a complete portfolio so that the customer can perform maintenance, without having to change the entire truck part.